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Useful Links

Here are links to some of the ultra-trusted sources that we use to gain accurate insight on the markets. Others you may find useful to help de-mystify some intricate elements of the financial markets. How you interpret what you are reading is up to you, but we will apply our experience as a heat-test to determine what is working.


Like many industries, the financial markets have a very specific vocabulary subject to the every different aspect of the industry. Investopedia offers a terrific a very complete and less-mysterious to "dictionary" for the industry, from laws to different investment strategies and such.


Bloomberg is the ultimate resource for news and data about global financial markets. It provides an investor's eye on the news of the world and offers a valuable resource for investors with its Bloomberg Markets area.

This site is a terrific resource for graphically understanding a stock's past performance. Since the parable that a picture is worth a thousand words applies to finance, mapping past performance to future performance is part of the art of profiting in the financial markets.

StockCharts offers an excellent resource to teach different analyses that may be applied to stock charts with its ChartSchool, a free resource for everyone.

Seeking Alpha

Warren Buffet said that it's only when the tide goes out that one learns who is wearing pants. We have bruises from experience and Burberry from profit. Seeking Alpha accepts articles from non-big-firm (JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley) analysts. People who publish here tend to be biased towards the short side of the market.

This is another valuable for presenting historical stock prices graphically. It does also offer resources like news, financial statements, SEC filings, and opinions.


Morningstar is an excellent resource for research, facts, and opinions about a financial instrument, be it a stock or a mutual fund. In fact, Morningstar is the industry-wide resource for opinions about mutual funds and how they are managed. How this research is used is another part of the art of achieving future financial performance.


This site is the online version of the authoritative daily newspaper of Wall Street.


Barron's is a weekly newspaper published by Dow Jones.

Financial News

This site is the online version of Financial News, a financial newspaper published in London and owned by Dow Jones.


This site is the Leading Information Source for Financial Advisors, offering daily news including market and regulatory intelligence.


Marketwatch is an excellent resource for investors that offers news, analysis, and advice.


This is the authoritative site for the metals markets, offering news, analysis, real-time quotes, and charting.

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