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What is Privilege Equity Management?

Privilege Equity is precisely what it sounds like. It's an exclusive way to be safely involved in the equity, capital, and debt markets with "special" and unique results.

Put more succinctly, Privilege Equity Management is a "boutique" Investment Banking Firm, and its principal activity is to manage the Whitney Stapleton Fund, and alternative vehicles.

prof · it     noun, often attributive

:    money that is made in a business, through investing, etc., after all the costs and expenses are paid : a financial gain

:    the advantage or benefit that is gained from doing something

Where does it come from?

Successful investing and money management comes from knowledge, experience, relationships, and especially anawareness of the intricacies of money, markets, and how each and every sector and economic factor can affect the value of some form of property.

It comes from relationships. Relationships between creditors and debtors, sellers and buyers of debt, sellers of equities and assets, and buyers of equities and assets, and derivatives upon same.

What is one of our big relatinships? People talented at research. We have Inside researchers who troll for opportunities and outside researchers that we compensage. We are the "smartest guys in the room" but hat's even even better? We know the "best-connected guys in the room".

Unlike mutual funds, we are not bound down by a prospectus that prevents us from selling short, pursuing derivative strategies, or looking at instruments on non-traditional markets (think: buy loans for income and basis, and so on). On the other hand, there will always be full disclosure, even more aggressively than FINRA requirements, as we are not large enough to "move" the market and aren't concerned with being front-run. Such a prospectus for conventional equity stops funds from adapting to the market and locks to a direction even if it's off a cliff.

What's a "cliff"? For example, fund manager "superstar" Bill Nygren with Oakmark walked his well-reviewed OAKLX fund down to a loser by marrying Washington Mutual (NYSE:WAMU) [add a Q for its bankruptcy and change exchanges to the pink sheets) and watched it go belly up, taking his investors with him for a ride to the garbage dump. WAMU, NYSE:WM Waste Management, whatever. Adapt. (OAKLX is a buy today, but that is because his prospectus allowed him to divorce WaMu. Any strategy that works (profits) is fine for Privilege Equity, so long as a proper risk management profile is possible (meaning: calculate an acceptable loss and bai out... take no real loss). The prospectus of a conventional fund prevents proper risk management, because it requires a tiny bit of money and takes a lot of thought.

What Does Privilege Equity Management Offer?

Privilege Equity Management offers a variety of services to handle and grow your existing wealth and to manage it including:

• Investment Management

… We handle your money in your own accessible account

… We issue stock & option recommendations from our own relationships with connected industry players

• Investment Analysis

… Fundamental Company Stock Analysis

… Pro-Forma Balance Sheet Analysis

… Pro-Forma Profit-Loss Analysis

… Financial Modeling for Emerging Opportunities

… Technical and Performance Stock Analysis

… Technical and Performance Analysis of Non-Conventional Assets Such as:

◊ Commodities

◊ Currencies

• Retirement Planning

• Estate Planning

How can I participate?

There is nothing complicated and there are no tricks or games. If you're curious, just Contact Us and ask. If you stump the staff, speak with the founder.

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